Fundraising Partners

The Bayhawks would like to thank all of our local partners for their support. The Bayhawks are committed to helping grow lacrosse at all levels and giving back to the local community.

  Lacrosse Programs


Thunder Lacrosse                                              Catonsville Lacrosse Club

Thunder Lacrosse Website                                                                          Catonsville Lacrosse Website



Westminster Area Lacrosse                Annapolis Youth Lacrosse Association

WAX Website                                                                                          AYLA Website



Greater Severna Park Green Hornets          Hogan Lacrosse

Green Hornets Website                                                                             Hogan Lacrosse Website



Dulles South Lacrosse                                        Crofton Lacrosse

Dulles South Website                                                                                                    Crofton Website



Beach Buccaneers Lacrosse Club                 Snappers Lacrosse Club 

                Beach Buccaneers Website                                                                 Snappers Lacrosse Website



Maryland United Lacrosse Club                             Parkville Bayhawks

Maryland United Lacrosse Website                                                                            Parkville Website



Freedom Lacrosse                                     Kent Island Youth Lacrosse

Freedom Website                                                                                                         Kent Island Website



Chesapeake Youth                                               Davidsonville Lacrosse

Lacrosse Association

Chesapeake Lacrosse Website                                                                                   Davidsonville Website



Centreville Youth Lacrosse                                    South River Lacrosse

Centreville Website                                                                                                                South River Website



      Bowie Lacrosse                                                  LOUYAA Lacrosse

          Bowie Lacrosse Website                                                                                       LOUYAA Website



Manassas Battlefield Lacrosse                                                  

          Brigade Lacrosse Website



            Windsor Farm Elementary School

                                 Windsor Farm Elementary Website      



 Good Counsel Lacrosse

  Good Counsel Website


Local Foundations and Causes


Johns Hopkins University Pediatric Oncology

          JHU Pediatric Oncology Website



     Save the Coconuts                                       Parole Rotary Club

           Save the Coconuts Website                                                                   Parole Rotary Club Website



  We Believe Foundation                      

        We Believe Foundation Website                                            

04/27 1:00PM EST @ Cannons (L)  15 - 9 Recap
05/03 7:00PM EST vs Lizards (W)  12 - 11 Recap
05/10 3:30PM EST @ Hounds (L)  12 - 7 Recap
05/17 7:00PM EST vs Launch (L)  12 - 15 Recap
05/31 7:00PM EST vs Machine (L)  11 - 15 Recap
06/05 7:30PM EST @ Rattlers (L)  8 - 7 Recap
06/14 7:30PM EST vs Cannons (W)  16 - 15 Recap
06/21 7:00PM EST @ Outlaws (L)  9 - 6 Recap
06/28 7:00PM EST @ Launch (W)  11 - 18 Recap
07/04 4:00PM EST @ Machine (L)  16 - 14 Recap
07/17 7:00PM EST vs Rattlers (L)  7 - 10 Recap
07/27 3:00PM EST @ Lizards (W)  11 - 12 Recap
07/31 7:30PM EST vs Outlaws Buy Tickets More Info
08/09 7:00PM EST vs Hounds Buy Tickets More Info
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