Blog: Machine defeat Bayhawks

6/1/10 8:28 AM

Blog:  Machine defeat Bayhawks


Chicago Machine vs. Chesapeake Bayhawks Live Game Blog

By: Dan Kopf

Welcome to Joe Walton Stadium in Pittsburgh, PA on the campus of Robert Morris University for a pivotal matchup between the Chicago Machine and the undefeated Chesapeake Bayhawks. 

The Machine will have to play at the top of their game in order to contend with this high powered offense.  The key to this game for the Machine is controlling the faceoff.  Chicago’s Anthony Kelly will look to use his size to out muscle the league’s leading faceoff man Alex Smith.  Smith has been great on faceoff’s as he has been 51-64 on faceoff’s this season.  

The Bayhawks will look to their leading scorer Peet Poillon to carry them on offense.  Poillon has 14 pts on the season with 8 goals and 5 assists.  In goal the Bayhawks send out Chris Garrity who leads the league in save percentage and goals against average.  The Machine will have to spray Garrity with shots if they want to keep up with the Bayhawks. 

14:49: Machine 1-0- Chicago’s Anthony Kelly wins the faceoff and passes inside to Kevin Leveille for the first goal of the game.   Great to see Chicago win a quick faceoff against the best faceoff man in the MLL, Alex Smith. 

10:13: Machine 2-0- Chicago adds to their lead off of a low shot by Kevin Leveille.  Leveille was able to squeeze by two Bayhawk defenders for his second goal of the game. 

9:09: Machine 2-1- Peet Poillon nets his ninth goal of the season to bring the Bayhawks within one of the Machine.  There was absolutely nothing Mike Gabel could do there as Poillon ripped it right into the back of the net. 

8:57: Anthony Kelly wins his second faceoff of the game.  A great sign to see the Machine fulfilling one of their keys to the game so early in the first quarter. 

7:24: TIMEOUT: Chesapeake takes a timeout after losing possession to the Machine.  The Machine are playing great defense so far and are doing a great job guarding the two-point arc. 

4:45: Machine 3-1- Bill McGlone leaps into the air and scores the Machines third goal of the day with a high overhand shot. 

4:35: Anthony Kelly wins another faceoff form Alex Smith.  When I talked to Kevin Leveille earlier this week he was very confident that Kelly’s strength and size would give him the advantage over Smith.  So far that definitely seems to be the case. 

3:16: Machine 4-1- And the Machine add to their lead after another faceoff by Kelly.  Brett Garber slices through the Bayhawks defense for the goal.  The Bayhawks inability to keep the Machine away from the crease has been their downfall so far today. 

1:45: Great save by Mike Gabel on a two point attempt from Kyle Dixon.  Dixon who already has three two-point goals on the season was aiming to increase his league lead. 

17.7: Machine 4-2- Matt Abbot is left wide open right in front of the crease for the Bayhawks second goal of the game.  The Machine will look for Kelly to continue his faceoff success today and see if they can regain the momentum. 


What a great quarter for the Machine who were able to dominate the faceoff.  Anthony Kelly has had a stellar performance so far today using his size to overpower the league’s best faceoff man, Alex Smith.  Look for the Machine to continue to pressure the Bayhawks inside and look for the Bayhawks to make some defensive adjustments in the second quarter. 


13:58: Machine 4-3- And there’s Buggs Combs fighting his way through the Machine defense for his third goal of the season.  The Machine have allowed the Bayhawks way too much room to work with near the crease.  Chicago will have to reinforce their defense inside if they’re going to maintain their lead. 

7:53: The Bayhawks have really stepped it up defensively the Machine have not been able to get a clear shot since the second quarter began. 

7:16: Machine 4-4- Buggs Combs scores his second goal of the game as he scoops up the deflection and slips it right past Gabel. 

6:20: Machine 5-4- Chicago regains the lead! Terry Kimener catches his defensemen over pursuing and is able to regain the lead for the Machine. 

4:50: Machine 6-4- Two unanswered goals for the Machine as Chris Rotelli fakes out his defender in-order to get the clear shot on goal on the man-up opportunity. 

3:37: Machine 6-5-Buggs Combs is on FIRE! Combs nabs the hat trick for his third goal of the game and his third in a row for Chesapeake. 

1:58: A big mistake for the Bayhawks as they have too many men on the field.  This will give the Machine a man-up opportunity

1:36: Machine 7-5-And the mistake ends up costing the Bayhawks as Mike Leveille is able to capitalize on the man-up opportunity with his first goal of the day. 

1:20: And this could be a HUGE loss for the Machine as Anthony Kelly is down on the field with an apparent knee injury.  Kelly has had a remarkable day so far controlling the faceoff.  Kelly is now being helped off the field.  We will have to see if Kelly will come back into the game after the half. 

26:9: Machine 8-5- WHAT A PLAY! Mike Levielle passes it on the inbounds to Brett Garber who scores with 3 seconds left on the shot clock!

22:3: Doug Shanahan is in for the injured Kelly. And Shanahan is able to come up with another face-off for the Machine.  The Machine have absolutely dominated the Face-off today. 


What a great first half for the Machine.  The Machine are able to take a 8-5 lead over the Bayhawks into the half.  It does look like however that the Machine will be without Anthony Kelly who was helped off the field late in the half.  Coach O’hara did not seem optimistic that Kelly would see action in the second half.  This could be a huge break for the Bayhawks who seem to have been caught off guard by how well the Machine have controlled the faceoff. 

On defense the Machine will have to continue to watch out for the outside shot despite doing a great job of preventing the outside shot today.  We’ll have to see what kind of offensive adjustments the Bayhawks debut in the second half.  Remember this is a Bayhawks squad who has scored over 40 goals this season.  The Machine cannot be caught sleeping on this offense. 

Some of the Halftime Stats are just remarkable! The Machine tallied 32 shots to the Bayhawks 19 and also led the Bayhawks 13-2 on faceoffs.  The Machine will definitely look to continue the pressure on offense for the second half. 


14:27: Machine 8-6- And the Bayhawks start the second half off on the right foot as Kyle Dixon scores from just inside the two point line to come within two goals of the Machine. 

13:06: Machine 9-6- What a spin move from Brendan Cannon as he is able to recapture the momentum from the Bayhawks. 

10:37: Machine 10-6- The Machine continue their onslaught as Matt Striebel is able to score despite getting leveled by Matt Abbot. 

9:30: Machine 10-7- This game continues its rollercoaster ride as Chesapeake’s Ben Rubeor nets a wraparound goal. 

7:37: Machine 10-8- Ben Rubeor is able to score on the man-up opportunity to bring the Bayhawks within two of the Machine.  Rubeor’s goal is the first man-up goal allowed by the Machine this season. 

3:51: Machine 11-8- The Machine are doing their best not to let the Bayhawks claw back into this game.  Chris Rotelli performs an amazing acrobatic move to sneak the ball right passed Garrity. 

3:38: Great news for the Machine as Anthony Kelly is back in the game.  Kelly’s ankle is taped back up and we will have to see how his injury affects his ability to win the faceoff.  

24.4: Machine 12-8- Kevin Leveille captures the Hat Trick with a low shot from the wing! Great job by Leveille who positioned himself perfectly on the wing.   

00.6: Machine 13-8- And the Machine are able to open up their largest lead of the game on a spectacular goal by Doug Shanahan.  Shanahan juked his defender out in the air and was able to flip the ball right passed Garrity.


What a HUGE momentum swing for Chicago going into the 4th Quarter.  It will be very interesting to see if Chicago will be able to use this momentum to put the game away.    


14:00 Machine 13-9- The Bayhawks start another quarter off with a goal as John Christmas fires one right past Gabel.

12:47 Machine 14-9- AND THERES THE ANSWER.  Brian Clayton bounces one right into the back of the goal to bring the Machines lead back up to five.   

11:28: Machine 14-10- The Bayhawks will not go away as Ben Hunt scores his first goal of the game. 

10:47: Interesting move for the Bayhawks as Mike Levin will replace Chris Garrity in goal.  Levin has only played 8 minutes this season for Chesapeake. 

8:30: Machine 15-10- Here come the Machine looking to put the game away.  Kevin Leveille scores his fourth goal of the game on the man-up opportunity. 

7:22: Machine 16-10- Chris Rotelli puts the nail in the Bayhawks coffin as he dives past Mike Levin for his third goal of the game. 

6:02: Machine 16-11- Buggs Combs makes a great cut towards the crease and scores his fourth goal of the game.  The Bayhawks will have to start taking shots outside the arc if they want to get back in this contest. 

2:59: Machine 16-12- I might have spoken too soon as Danny Glading cuts the lead down to three. 

2:30: Bayhawks win the faceoff and will begin a huge possession here. 

1:47: Machine 17-12- BILL MCGLONE SCORES! McGlone puts the Bayhawks away with an open net goal.  McGlone caught Levin out of position and found the goal wide open.

1:16: Machine 17-13- Billy Glading runs straight through the Machines defenders and finds the back of the net.  The Bayhawks will now look to score two 2 pointers to tie the game up. 

1:00 Machine 17-14- Billy Glading scores his second straight goal to bring the game back within three. 

52.0: The Bayhawks win possession and will look for a two point shot here.  The Bayhawks now lose possession and the Machine will run out the clock to end the game.    


What a game for Chicago as they now find themselves tied with three teams for first place.  The Machine were led by the Bud-Light Player of the Game Kevin Leveille who tallied five points with four goals and one assist.  Faceoff Man Anthony Kelly set the tone for the Machine on his birthday as the Machine won 13 faceoffs in the first half.  The Machine also played fantastic defense limiting the Bayhawks most dangerous player Peet Poillon to only one goal.  Poillon had tallied eight goals in his previous two games.  The Machine will look to continue to ride their momentum next week when they rematch against the 0-3 Toronto Nationals. 


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