Meet All-Star Brian Phipps

By Matt Scully |  6/29/11 11:00 AM

Meet All-Star Brian Phipps

A humble Brian Phipps (Chesapeake Bayhawks) spills his thoughts about goaltending in this year's MLL All-Star Game in our exclusive interview.

How do you feel about taking shots from the best players in the world, all on one field?

Brian Phipps: Going into the game, I know I'm going to have my hands full with the best players in the world shooting on me all game. However, I'll have the best defenders in the world guarding them as well. So I am looking forward to watching these players compete against each other but I have to be ready for anything because these players are so good and can score from anywhere.

How do you prepare for a game like this? Any differently than you would a regular-season game?

BP: I wouldn't say I'd prepare any differently for this game. As a goalie, you have to bring your A-game every day, especially in a game like this.

Where is the hardest spot to stop the ball for you? Off hip? Low and away?

BP: With the shooters in this league and especially in the All-Star Game, there aren't many easy shots. These shooters can put it anywhere from anywhere. So all the shots will be difficult to save. I'm just hoping some hit me and make me look good.

A two-point goal would tie it all up in the fourth, you're in cage, who’s stick do you definitely NOT want to see the ball coming out of?

BP: With the new All-Star format with the teams being divided up Friday night, I would not want Ben Hunt with the ball. He is a massive dude and can certainly bring it. His release point is so high and can put it anywhere. I am just glad he's on my team for the Bayhawks and I don't have to play against him during the regular season.

How do professional shots compare to collegiate shots?

BP: Professional shots are much tougher because of the speed, accuracy, and movement of the ball. I do however, like the orange color of the ball better than white. 

Any thoughts on the new Goalie Gauntlet? Given the choice, who do you think you could burn in the one-on-one?

BP: I am excited for the goalie gauntlet. It will be something new and different. Hopefully it's exciting for the fans. I'm not looking forward to shooting on the goalies or them shooting on me because that's the last thing any goalie wants is another goalie scoring on them. 

For tickets to the 2011 Sports Authority MLL All-Star Game on Saturday July 9th at 7:00 p.m., call (617) 746-9933 or e-mail!

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