Bayhawks Defeat Cannons, 17-14

6/4/10 11:30 PM

Bayhawks Defeat Cannons, 17-14

Garrity Dominates In Goal; Gets Bayhawks 17-14 Win Over Cannons

Caitlain Kelley

The Chesapeake Bayhawks are now the first team in the league to win three games this season. Both the Bayhawks and the Boston Cannons came into tonight’s match up with 2-1 records, hoping to continue with a winning season. The Bayhawks prevailed, 17-14.

Last week, both teams had lethargic starts and were forced to play from behind; this week, their mindsets were the same—to come out on top and stay on top. The Bayhawks’ Matt Abbott fired one off 13 seconds into the competition, clearly showing the Cannons that they were in for a tough battle.

The Cannons were without their leading presence, Paul Rabil, for most of the game, as he was ejected after throwing a punch at Bayhawks’ defenseman Michael Evans seven minutes into the first quarter. Rabil was trying to end Chesapeake’s 4-goal scoring run, when Chris Garrity stopped his close range shot. Evans then bull rushed Rabil just as he got the shot off, leading Rabil to retaliate with a jab at his former college teammate.

With Rabil out of the picture, the Cannons looked to midfielders Matt Poskay and Kevin Buchanan for offense, each registering four goals. At times it seemed as though the Cannons were about to break even, but Chris Garrity became a human wall. The relentless goaltender made an astonishing 26 saves. He said he worked on “staying big” and “got lucky” being in the right place at the right time. “We were talking so well, working as a group.”

The Bayhawks offensive unit also jived tonight, using seven scorers with Peet Poillon, Danny Glading and Brian Vetter recording hat-tricks. Leading the point totals for the MLL, Poillon is quickly becoming a one-man-band with his jitterbug quickness and rocket of a shot. Glading has mastered the art of using the defender as a screen and working the goalie. Vetter had a sensational 360 degree rotation at the side of the crease after slithering through a double team for his first goal of the night.  

At the end of the third quarter, Dixon’s left arm appeared to be injured after being hacked. It looked as though he wouldn’t be returning to start the second half, but he came out firing from behind the two-point arc. Dixon tallied his 21stand 22ndtwo-point goals of his career, moving him to fourth all-time in the history of Major League Lacrosse.

Boston made one last run at the end of the game with Buchanan netting a one-pointer followed by a two-pointer 12 seconds apart. The league was narrowed to three, but Chesapeake was able to hold the Cannons off until the last whistle blew.

The Boston Cannons will need to recreate the quick passing and ball movement they used tonight when they meet the Outlaws at home next Saturday.

The Chesapeake Bayhawks will look to stay sharp both offensively and defensively next week, in order to complete the season sweep of the Toronto Nationals.

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