Bayhawks Make Impact at Maryland Food Bank

By Lindsey Burns |  11/4/10 9:00 AM

Bayhawks Make Impact at Maryland Food Bank

     Annapolis, MD. The Chesapeake Bayhawks spent Wednesday evening volunteering their time at the Maryland Food Bank in Linthicum, MD. Attackman Andrew “Buggs” Combs, Goalie Chris Garrity, Defensemen Shawn Nadelen and P.T. Ricci, Face-Off Specialist Alex Smith, and Midfielder Brian Vetter worked as a team in the community kitchen portioning and packing meals for local families in need.

The community kitchen was launched in July 2010 with a dual purpose of job training and nutrition education for aspiring culinary students, while also packaging the food the students prepare to feed hungry families throughout Maryland. The program focuses on producing a high volume of well balanced and high-quality family-style meals which are all donated to Maryland Food Bank partners including various non-profits and government agencies.

The Maryland Food Bank is working tirelessly to research the needs of those who suffer from hunger, and they have undertaken the substantial responsibility of working towards ending the problem in Maryland. Aida Blanco, the Executive Chef for the Maryland Food Bank, praised the Bayhawks for their participation.

“Phenomenal!” said Blanco when asked how it felt to have the players working in the community kitchen. “Normally we would be backed up with the food, and with the holidays right around the corner, it’s very important for us to have the food packaged and ready to go to be available for our partners.”  

“It’s to be expected from this group here,” Nadelen remarked. “It’s for the betterment of mankind, and we’re just happy to do our part to provide a better life for everybody else out there.” As a part of the community, the Bayhawks are proud to be a part of the Maryland Food Bank’s great undertaking. 

For more information on the Maryland Food Bank or to learn about other volunteering opportunities, visit

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