Meet Joey Murray

2/21/11 5:00 AM

Meet Joey Murray

Joey Murray - Midfield

Birthday: February 23, 1987

Currently Living: Washington, DC

High School: Regis Jesuit High School in Aurora, Colorado

College: University of Denver

Full-time job: Account Manager for

CHESAPEAKE BAYHAWKS (CB):       What have you been doing in the off-season to prepare for this summer?

JOEY MURRAY (JM):   Lifting, Running, Pickup Basketball and Wall-ball.

 CB:       What motivates you to stay in the league and give your all every weekend in the summer?

JM:     Playing with and against the best players in the world is great motivation. 

CB:       How did you first get involved in the sport of lacrosse? Who, if anyone, inspired you to start playing?

JM:     I started playing in 3rd grade because my two older brothers played lacrosse. I was involved in all sports during my childhood but I loved lacrosse from the beginning. My parents and brothers were always very supportive.  

CB:       Outside of lacrosse, what are you passionate about?  

JM:     Most other sports. I follow the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and NCAA Basketball very closely. Broncos, Nuggets, Avalanche, Rockies and North Carolina Tar Heel Basketball through and through!

CB:       What is your favorite weekend activity?

JM:     If there is a good concert I would choose that but if not attending a sporting event.

04/19 4:00PM EST vs Launch (W)  12 - 8 Recap
04/26 1:00PM EST @ Launch (W)  11 - 15 Recap
05/03 4:00PM EST vs Machine (L)  9 - 12 Recap
05/10 1:00PM EST @ Hounds (W)  10 - 14 Recap
05/16 5:00PM EST @ Lizards (L)  15 - 14 Recap
05/25 9:00PM EST @ Outlaws (L)  17 - 10 Recap
05/30 7:00PM EST vs Rattlers (L)  11 - 15 Recap
06/06 7:00PM EST vs Outlaws (W)  15 - 12 Recap
06/20 7:00PM EST @ Machine (W)  11 - 12 Recap
06/28 4:00PM EST @ Cannons (L)  14 - 11 Recap
07/02 7:30PM EST vs Lizards (L)  13 - 15 Recap
07/12 1:00PM EST @ Rattlers (L)  14 - 13 Recap
07/16 7:30PM EST vs Cannons (L)  8 - 9 Recap
07/25 7:00PM EST vs Hounds (W)  15 - 13 Recap
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